News: Boone County Extension to Offer Iowa Master Gardener Program for Fall of 2014

If you have an interest in gardening and would like to volunteer in your community, consider joining the Iowa Master Gardener program. Whether you are a long-term veteran of gardening or a novice, you are welcome to join. The Boone County Extension Office will be joining efforts with the Story County Extension Office and offering the class this fall at Reiman Gardens on the beautiful Iowa State University Campus. Classes begin on September 11, 2014 and run Tuesday and Thursday evenings through November 4. Registrations are due September 5 and the registration cost for the class will be $195 per student. There is also a non-volunteer option available for $550 per person.

This year’s classes include the following topics; soils, turfgrass management, vegetables, plant pathology and entomology, perennials, animal ecology, integrated plant management, landscape trees and shrubs, along with fruit culture and home landscape design.

The program provides selected volunteers training on many aspects of gardening. In exchange for training, Master Gardeners share their time and knowledge on approved projects within their local communities. Training consists of 40 hours of Web-based broadcasting and face-to-face instruction at extension offices and on the ISU campus. After training, participants must complete a one-year Master Gardener internship consisting of 40 hours of volunteer service. Additional volunteer hours and ongoing training are required in subsequent years to maintain the Master Gardener status.

Since 1979, the Iowa Master Gardener program has trained over 9000 people. Master Gardeners are highly visible volunteers in their counties. Master Gardeners may work at local gardens, schools, nursing homes, or other community beautification or education projects. Master Gardeners answer questions on the radio, give presentations at gardening seminars, and discuss plants at local plant sales. You might talk with Master Gardeners on the phone or via email or at booths at a local farmer’s market, county fairs, or home and garden shows. The Master Gardener program is unique both for its community emphasis and because it directly utilizes the broad research-based resources of Iowa State University.

Please consider Master Gardeners when seeking credible information about home gardening in Iowa. And if you are interested in becoming an Iowa Master Gardener, contact the Boone County Extension Office to find out more information about training in your area.

While spring seems far away, it is this time of year to plan your garden and educate yourself so that you are prepared when spring does arrive. Plan ahead and take part in the upcoming Master Gardener class. For additional information and registration forms, please contact the Boone County Extension Office located at 603 Story Street in Boone or phone 515-432-3882. You may also visit the Boone County Extension office on the web site at

News: Boone School District says no more early releases for high heat

From the Boone Community School District via its notification system to students and parents:

“While last week was pleasant weather, this week appears to be heating up. This has resulted in several questions about early releases for heat days. Thankfully, virtually all of our instructional classrooms in all buildings in the district are now air-conditioned. The new high school addition and installation of air-conditioning over the summer in the high school 1955 building has left only four high school classrooms without air-conditioning. Air-conditioning in these areas will be completed in August 2015. Because, with this small exception, all classrooms in the district are air-conditioned, the BCSD will no longer be releasing early for heat days. On hot days, students will remain in school for full days in air-conditioned classrooms.”

News: Detours suggested for Farm Progress Show next week

The Boone Police Department wants to remind its citizens that the Farm Progress Show is coming up August 26 – 28. Because of the large number of people this show attracts, there will be traffic related issues all three days both for those attending the show and those who travel through the area to and from work. The Farm Progress Show takes place at the Central Iowa Expo Center located at 1827 217th Street in Boone County. To assist the citizens of Boone in their morning and afternoon commutes to and from work, the primary roadways where there will be traffic congestion and possible delays are Hwy 30, Eastbound Mamie Eisenhower from Airport Road, Southbound Airport Road at Hwy 30, and Northbound Quill Ave at Hwy 30.

To help our citizens avoid unnecessary delays going to and from work during these three days, the Boone Police Department is making these recommendations.

For the morning Eastbound (Ames) and Southbound (Des Moines) commutes (6:00 am – 10:00 am), the following routes are recommended:

  • Eastbound 22nd Street all the way to Ames is highly recommended.
  • Eastbound Hwy 30 to Ames via S. Story Street is recommended. However, delays due to traffic congestion in the area of Hwy 17 are likely.
  • Southbound Quill Ave from Eastbound Hwy 30 to Des Moines is highly recommended.
  • Southbound Hwy 17 from Eastbound Hwy 30 to Des Moines is recommended. However, delays due to traffic congestion in the area of Hwy 17 are likely.
  • NOTE: All traffic needing to access Eastbound Hwy 30 should do so from S. Story Street. Morning routes that are not recommended and delays are expected:
  • Accessing Eastbound Hwy 30 via Airport Road is not recommended. Expect delays.
  • Accessing Eastbound Hwy 30 from T Ave is not recommended.
  • Eastbound Mamie Eisenhower from Airport Road is not recommended except for those going to the Farm Progress Show. Expect delays.
  • NOTE: Do not access Eastbound Hwy 30 from Southbound Hwy 17 as both lanes are being used for Northbound traffic only.Recommended AM Routes Leaving Boone

For the afternoon Westbound and Northbound commutes back to Boone (3:00 pm – 7:00 pm), the following routes are recommended:

  • Westbound 22nd Street from Ames all the way to Boone is highly recommended.
  • Westbound Hwy 30 to Boone is recommended. However, delays due to traffic congestion in the area of Hwy 17 is likely.
  • Northbound Hwy 17 to Westbound 250th Street (Ledges Road) through Ledges State Park and then Northbound to Boone is highly recommended.
  • Northbound Hwy 17 to Westbound Hwy 30 is recommended. However, delays due to traffic congestion in the area of Hwy 17 is likely. Afternoon route that is not recommended and a delay is expected:
  • Northbound Quill Ave to westbound Hwy 30 is not recommended. Expect delays.Recommended PM Routes Returning To Boone

In cooperation with the Iowa State Patrol and the Boone County Sheriff’s Office, the following roads will be closed from 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm to help alleviate traffic congestion in the area of 210th (Old Hwy 30) and Hwy 17:

  • Eastbound Mamie Eisenhower from Airport Road will be closed and traffic will be diverted to Southbound Airport Road.
  • Southbound Airport Road from 1st Street will be closed and traffic will be diverted to Westbound 1st Street. Traffic can then continue to S. Story Street.

Citizens are encouraged to call the Boone Police Department at 515-432-3456 for assistance with planning their commutes to and from Boone during these dates. For more information please go to the City of Boone website, the City of Boone Facebook page, the Farm Progress Show website, and the Iowa State Patrol website.



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