News: McHose Park gates closed starting today

From Boone County Emergency Management Coordinator Dave Morlan:


It’s been great to have this long stretch of above normal temperatures for those that don’t like cold and snowy weather. However, the warm weather is not without some problems.


Starting today the gates will be closed and no entry allowed at McHose Park in Boone. Also, garbage trucks are not allowed in the alleys in Boone starting Monday,  January 26th, 2015  until further notice?


There is plenty of time for us to have some winter weather but at this point it does not appear that it will happen very soon so enjoy while you can.

Agenda: Boone County Board of Supervisors meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 21




Board Room, Boone County Courthouse


Wednesday, January 21, 2015


8:30 a.m.       Call meeting to order and approve minutes from previous meeting


                        Consider action on approval of Agenda


8:30 a.m.       Russ Stevens, Building & Grounds

                                    RE:      Department update


9:00 a.m.     Youth & Shelter Services of Boone County

                                    RE:      Quarterly Update


10:00 a.m.     Red Rock Community Action

                                    RE:      FY16 Funding Request


11:30 a.m.     Scott Kruse, County Engineer

                                    RE:      Department update

  • Discuss and consider joining the US Highway 30 Coalition of Iowa
  • Consider adding fee schedule for dust control maintenance




Consider approval of payment of claims and issuance of warrants


Consider approval of appointment to Boone County Conservation Board – Jan 1, 2015 to Dec 31, 2019


Consider approval of appointment to Boone County Zoning Commission – Jan 1, 2015 to Dec 31, 2018


Consider approval of appointment to Matrix Review Committee – 1 year term, position ends 12-31-2015


Consider approval of appointment to Airport Zoning Commission – appoint two Jan 1, 2015 to Dec 31-2020


Review and place on file County Conservation Board minutes from the December 11, 2014 meeting


Review and place on file the Boone County Sheriff’s Office revised Quarterly Report for April 1, 2014 – June 30, 2014


Review and place on file the Boone County Sheriff’s Office revised Quarterly Report for July 1, 2014 – September 30, 2014


Review and place on file the Boone County Sheriff’s Office Quarterly Report for October 1, 2014 – December 31, 2014


Consider approval of the pay adjustment for Brian Eldridge, Maintenance, Secondary Road Department, effective February 3, 2015


Consider approval of the pay adjustment for Dave VanPelt, Foreman, Boone County Secondary Road Department, effective January 18, 2015


Consider approval of the pay adjustment for Timothy Herrstrom, Foreman, Boone County Secondary Road Department, effective January 18, 2015


Consider approval of the pay adjustment for Laurie Larsen, full time Jailer, Boone County Sheriff’s Department effective January 29, 2015


Consider approval of accepting the retirement of John Cain, Foreman, Secondary Road Department effective January 16, 2015


Consider approval of accepting the resignation of Kailyn Heston, Full time Assistant County Attorney, effective January 23, 2015


Consider approval of the revised position description for Boone County Veterans Affairs Executive Director/Administrator


Consider approval of posting the ad for Veterans Affairs Director/Administrator for Boone County


Consider approval of correction to January 2, 2015 minutes – removing Kurt Phillips as Boone County’s representative on the Central Iowa Expo Board


Review and approve signing Applications for 2015 Homestead Tax Credits and Applications for 2015 Military Exemption as recommended by Boone County Assessor


Friday, January 23, 2015


1:00 p.m.       Boone/Dallas DCAT Board Meeting – Boone County Human Services Building – Foster



The County Board of Supervisors meet regularly on Wednesday beginning at 8:30 a.m. If the agenda is not completed they will meet in recessed session on Friday. All meetings are open to the public unless, for purposes described in Code of Iowa chapter 21, a closed meeting is necessary or advisable to protect the interests of individuals or the county. All persons are invited to take an active role in Boone County government. Agenda appointments will need to be scheduled through Boone County Auditor’s Office. You may address the Board (without an appointment) while they are in session if you are willing to wait your turn of an unscheduled agenda time.

News: Habitat for Humanity Expands, Changes Name

History has begun to write a new chapter with the local Christian housing ministry now formerly known as Habitat for Humanity of Boone and Greene Counties. Local officials have announced three major new developments effective immediately.


The affiliate has completed all requirements with Habitat for Humanity International to begin offering home construction and repair services to qualified low-income families in Guthrie County.   The work of enlisting volunteers and finding families to serve has begun, with hopes to repair houses across Guthrie County in 2015 under the locally-developed and nationally-recognized Helping Hands program.


With this geographic expansion, the affiliate’s name has been updated to reflect serving a larger community. The affiliate will now operate as Heart of Iowa Habitat for Humanity.


For those already involved with the group in Boone and Greene Counties, there will also be an enhancement to the governance structure. While there will remain a central affiliate board of directors, there will also now be a board of directors in each county whose responsibility will be to coordinate and direct their respective counties. Family selection, volunteer coordination, construction management and fund development will continue to be handled by committees.


Jeff Lamoureux of Jefferson was introduced as the first-ever associate director of the organization in December, 2014, and has been assigned primary responsibilities for introducing and directing the Habitat for Humanity program in Guthrie County. He will also support volunteers in Greene County as they continue to build upon the many successes experienced over the past five years since Greene County was formally joined with Habitat for Humanity of Boone County.


Remaining as executive director will be Erich Kretzinger, a Boone County resident and Jefferson native. In addition to assisting with expansion of services into Guthrie County, his responsibilities will include support of Boone County volunteer efforts and overall affiliate guidance and administration.


“While I’d prefer to work myself out of a job and see all of our local families living in safe, decent and affordable housing, reality shows the housing need is greater than ever and our work is far from done”, said Kretzinger. “We’re stretching to serve even more families by expanding into Guthrie County and I look forward to our new volunteers making an immediate and lasting impact.”


While the central administrative office will remain in Boone, a full-time office will also be located in Jefferson, where volunteers are currently working to renovate a home in partnership with the Justin and Megan Saffell family. Boone County volunteers will begin construction in the spring on a new home in Boone in partnership with the Janelle Williams family.


“While I’m still fairly new with Habitat, learning the many things that come together to make it all happen, I already have a lot of enthusiasm for what we’ll be doing in Guthrie County”, stated Jeff Lamoureux. “I’ve already learned that what Habitat does isn’t only critical for the families assisted, but it also provides an important opportunity for local Christians to live out their faith in service to others. We’re going to have a great first year together.”


Harry Ahrenholtz of Jefferson is the 2015 president of Heart of Iowa Habitat for Humanity and Angie Jewett of rural Grand Junction is vice president. Carla Werre of Madrid is secretary and Randy Purdy of Boone is treasurer.


Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit Christian ministry dedicated to eliminating substandard and poverty housing. All persons are welcome as partner families and volunteers regardless of religious beliefs or affiliations.

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