News: Boone County 4-H Fashion Show held

Boone County 4-H’ers modeled purchased and constructed outfits at the 4-H Fashion Show on Monday evening, July 14th at the Community Building on the Boone county Fairgrounds.  Three Seniors were selected to represent Boone County at the Iowa State Fair: Madeleine Bretey of the Luther Livewires 4-H Club in Fashion Revue, Mattea Doran of the People’s Guys and Gals 4-H Club in Clothing Selection, and Hannah Sackett of the People’s Guys and Gals in the $15.00 Challenge.  Congratulations girls!


Sixty-seven outfits were modeled by 40 Boone County 4-H’ers.  Earlier in the day each participant sat down for an individual interview with judges in each of their outfits, Lisa Tapper of Webster City and Martha Eddy of Des Moines.  Kathy Toms serves as Fashion Day superintendent.


Following are the honors each participant received that night as well as their division (Junior-J, Intermediate-I, and Senior-S)


Ribbon Placings for Fashion Revue (garment constructed by 4-H’er)

Outstanding Purple: Taylor Tanke (J), Claire Smith (J), Lydia Dozier (J), Madeleine Bretey (S), and Lillie Longhorn (S) (State Fair Alternate)

Blue: McKayla Dozier (I) and Erica Mehlhaus (S)


Ribbon Placings for Saavy Shopper (new outfit purchased for $25 or less at a retail store)

Outstanding Purple: Hannah Sackett (S), Emma Toms (S), Braeden Weyhrich (S), Lillie Longhorn (S), Madeleine Bretey (S), Landra Reece (I), Claire Smith (J), Megan Smith (J)


Juniors- Lily Hammer, Katherine Barnes, Hannah Heckman, Macy Crouthamel, and Elaine Hall

Intermediates- Natalie Bretey, Lauren Hansen, and Spencer Toms


Ribbon Placings for Clothing Selection (clothing selected and purchased by 4-H’er)

Outstanding Purple: Madeleine Bretey (S) (State Fair Alternate), Mattea Doran (S), Emma Toms (S), Aaliyah Scott (S), Lillie Longhorn (S), Viatris Scott (J), Kenna Redies (I)


Juniors- Reagan Kruse, Lily Hammer, Katherine Barnes, Emma Anderson, and Kaleb Scott

Intermediates- Lauren Hansen, Landra Reece, Natalie Bretey, Makenzie Weyhrich, and Ebony Scott

Seniors- Karolyn Peterson, Erica Mehlhaus, and Vanessa Scott


Ribbon Placings for $15 Challenge (previously owned outfit purchased for $15 or less)

Outstanding Purple: Erica Mehlhaus (S), Lauren Hansen (I), Landra Reece (I), Chloe Houge (J), Hannah Sackett (S), Madeleine Bretey (S), Emily Baumgardner (J), and Sydney Grell (J)


Juniors- Reagan Kruse, Elaine Hall, Hannah Heckman, Katie Grell, Rian Jamison, Lily Hammer, Katherine Barnes, and Claire Smith

Intermediates- Kenna Redies, Lance Longhorn, and Natalie Bretey

Seniors- Emma Toms, Lillie Longhorn, and Rachel Lease

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